I think about how many lies I've told in my life, and I must admit, I'm one of the biggest liars I know
But when I think about why, I have no reason, infact I lie for the stupidest fucking reasons I know.

Things are a bit like this in my head:
Reason one: I don't want to get yelled at for not feeding the dog
Reason two: I don't want to have to have a long conversation about why I didn't feed the dog.
Reason three: I don't want to talk about the dog
Reason four: I feel bad for not feeding the dog.

My last is normally the first reason I feel, but I guess my point is, I don't understand why I don't just do these things. The dog needs food, the dog needs water, I need the same things, but if I don't eat I don't care enough to do anything. Am I evil for this?

Will I ever understand you, Brain?

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